Urban Gardening, For Reals.

Urban Gardening, For Reals.

There’s a little run-down blue house a couple blocks away that has been continuously occupied for the last five years by a rotating group of newly-arrived Laotians. (At least, I believe them to be Laotians, based on a conversation I once overheard as I walked by.)  I can always spot the new arrivals because they sit outside on the curb in the morning, drinking tea out of a bowl and smoking some strange brand of cigarette.  After a few weeks, they figure out that this is not the custom in Eureka and they drink their tea inside.

This very un-fancy house has the ugliest sort of landscaping–just a bunch of rocks and a few weeds that have been allowed to grow into actual plants. So imagine my delight when I walked by the other day and saw an assortment of mustard greens and other such brassica sprouting up between the terrible rocks. Since I took this picture, beans have started climbing that pole.

Front yard vegetable gardening.  A proud immigrant tradition that the rest of us are just catching on to.  Well done, Laotians.



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Amy Stewart
on July 11, 2012 at 8:00 am, in the category Eat This, Feed Me.

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    • Suze in CO
    • 14th December 2016

    Well done, indeed. Too bad they don’t live in my neighborhood – I’m sure they’d get along well with the folks who turn their front yard into a pumpkin patch every summer.

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