It’s a Miracle! Scotts backs off You Can Grow That

It’s a Miracle! Scotts backs off You Can Grow That

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… grow the YCGT campaign!

Happy endings to stories that involve corporations vs. individuals are all too rare, so we’re very pleased to report that garden writer C.L. Fornari will be able to continue her “You Can Grow That” campaign without any opposition from Scotts Miracle-Gro.

As she just posted:

Recently the Director of Public Relations for Scotts Miracle-Gro contacted me to let me know that this company is going to let their application of the trademarking of this phrase expire. They will not pursue their application through to registration and if I, or a YCGT non-profit group would like to file for the trademark of this phrase we will be able to do so.

C.L. credits Amy’s great post on this (you may remember it for the title alone)—Dear Scotts: Just Try, One Time, Not to be So Shitty—for at least part of Scotts’ change of heart. However it happened, we’re thrilled for her, and look forward to the continuing development of this excellent strategy for spreading the optimism about gardening.

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Elizabeth Licata
on September 19, 2012 at 8:03 pm, in the category Ministry of Controversy, Who’s Ranting About Us.


    • Boneponio Gardenerd
    • 20th July 2015

    There now, wasn’t that easy? An unlikely victory in a landscape full of people trademarking or patenting things that shouldn’t be owned in the first place (phrases, genes, etc). Not sure that the “shitty” post had that much to do with the turnaround, but it certainly was entertaining. Amy–just in case it did, set your sights on Monsanto next, huh?

    • Cynthia
    • 10th March 2016

    The “Sh***y” post had to be at least partly responsible – it was what made me visit the Scott’s website, in an effort to research the story further. When I was greeted with a survey questionnaire before I could even enter their site, I took the opportunity to lay into them. Perhaps others did the same . . . anyway it’s wonderful to see a David kick Goliath’s butt. Cheers!

    • Robin Ripley
    • 13th April 2016

    Like! Forceful post from Amy. Positive response from Scotts. The cynic inside me says they didn’t have anything invested in the idea, so why not let the little garden blogger/writer have her slogan? Let the PR people win this point. The optimist says that Scotts is listening. Either way, we all need to keep talking about the importance of making sure the environment and wildlife is protected. Don’t just roll over and take it.

    • Susan Libertiny
    • 27th October 2016

    That is wonderful news! Congratulations and good work.

    • Colin Seymour UK
    • 4th November 2016

    Is Monsanto bashing a favourite national passtime in the US? There is a dedicated group of Monsanto bashers here too, although they tend to have to content themselves with preaching to the converted – that being each other.

    • Norma
    • 14th November 2016

    Colin, as wonderful as Roundup may seem to a home gardener, it has become a major problem to commercial farmers. Its widespread use has resulted in Roundup-resistant “superweeds” that are taking over many fields. Do an online search to see a number of news articles on the subject.

    • Ellen
    • 20th November 2016

    Congratulations and thanks to Amy and gardenrant!

    • admin
    • 8th December 2016

    It is great to hear that the small business can win against a large money intense company. That is great news! Thanks for sharing the positive news!

    • Colin Seymour UK
    • 15th December 2016

    Ahhh haaaa I thought that last comment of mine would get a response from one or two and maybe even cause someone to blow a fuse.

    • Sandra Knauf
    • 15th December 2016

    Colin Seymour – Here’s another tidbit that I hope will enlighten you. Two people sent it to me just yesterday.

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